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尊敬的 VirMach 客户,

东京位置有多个服务器面临不同的问题,主要是 TYOC040、TYOC035 和最近的 TYOC026。虽然这些仅影响东京的一小部分客户,但我们将在大约 24 小时后开始维护窗口,从 9 月 28 日星期三美国太平洋时间凌晨 2 点(或东京时间​​下午 6 点)开始。

此窗口将持续大约 72 小时,您的服务可能会重新启动或迁移。


我们理解这种维护不方便,但有必要避免在永久解决方案中持续延迟。如果您在下周内遇到任何问题并且在东京位置,请在创建工单之前首先参考网络状态页面以获取信息。我们将在那里传达所有特定更改,其中可能包括迁移或 IP 地址更改。存储节点上的客户可能会通过ticket收到额外的通信,所以如果您有存储服务,请注意您的ticket。



VirMach 团队


Tokyo Ryzen will have maintenance beginning in 24 hours!

Dear VirMach Customers,

The Tokyo location has multiple servers facing different issues, mainly TYOC040, TYOC035, and more recently TYOC026. While these are only affecting a small percentage of customers in Tokyo, we will be beginning a maintenance window in approximately 24 hours from now, from Wednesday, September 28, at 2AM US pacific time (or 6PM Tokyo time.)

This window will last approximately 72 hours and your service may be rebooted or migrated.

We will attempt to provide additional updates and a short notice on our network status page for when nodes are specifically affected:

We understand this maintenance is not convenient, but it is necessary to avoid continued delays in having a permanent solution. If you are facing any issues within the next week and are in the Tokyo location, please first refer to the network status page for information, before creating a ticket. We will communicate all specific changes there, which may include migrations or IP address changes. Customers on the storage node may receive additional communication via ticket, so please pay attention to your tickets if you have a storage service.

If you receive multiple copies of this email, it means multiple services are potentially impacted. Most customers will not be affected, but we are notifying you in any case.

Thank you,

The VirMach Team

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